How to Get the Most from Your Critical Illness Insurance?

Your critical illness insurance company may offer services you need today, with health insurance premiums constantly inching upward, and the number of people with chronic illnesses such as back pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases increasing, getting the greatest value from your health insurance becomes a vital concern.

Most national critical illness insurance in Singapore offer access (free of charge) to a number of wellness and health maintenance programs that affect your health in a positive way. Here are a few. Log on to your health insurance company’s web site to see what programs are available to you.

Health Coaches

Although called many different names “coaches”, “teachers” or other titles, these health professionals are available by phone, twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. These health care professionals (usually nurses) can answer your medical questions and provide additional information resources on procedures or surgeries that you may be undergoing. One special benefit, for families with children, is the ability to speak to someone late at night or on the weekend when a small child is sick. One call could save you an unnecessary trip to a hospital emergency room.

Health Information Encyclopedias

Most insurance companies have an online database of medical terms and definitions. For example, if you were given a prescription that you are unfamiliar with, you can look it up for a full description of its use and possible side effects. In addition, when your doctor recommends a course of treatment, you can research the procedure and find links to other entrees that apply to your situation.

Chronic Illness and Health Management

These free programs provide brochures and/or videos that address chronic health concerns such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory health, pregnancy health, and weight management programs. Some programs include monthly mailings sending you articles and tips that will be important in managing your condition.

Weight management programs are a very important tool in fighting this national obesity epidemic. A number of health issues result from carrying excess pounds. These insurance company sponsored programs offer a free alternative to commercial weight management programs.

Your Health Record

Most insurance companies carry your personalized health record with your history of doctor visits and prescriptions. A full record of your family’s health information should be a top concern for families.

Check Your Critical Illness Insurance Company Website

Services provided by health insurance companies vary, some low cost carriers would not offer these services. Typically, if you have group insurance offered by your employer, these services would be available.